Race 6

RC: Joia

Race 5

RC: Judy. The crew of Judy persevered, challenged by the persistant shift of 180 degrees from west to east, as the passing line of storm cells made it difficult to set a starting line let alone a course. They were patient and set a short I-3 course based on the light-air forecast with a windward mark set 100 yards north of the starting area and the North Canoe buoy as the leeward mark. The fleet of 13 boats started in another shift to the west with Spirit tacking on the shift and going right while most of the fleet took the knock to the west. When the wind clocked back Spirit tacked on the layline and rounded first with Stinger close behind. Downwind saw a couple of shifts to no wind at all but Spirit held on to the lead contested by Stinger in the zone of the leeward mark. Stinger banged the east corner as only he does and is famous for. I thought he was going to drop an anchor at Hogback Reef to fish he went so far, but finally tacked for the long knock back to the finish riding a new breeze from the north, and crossed the line for the win. Uncle Ludwig hugged the west shore and leap-frogged the entire fleet and came in second, leaving Spirit to fight off the challenge from T and Jaded. It was great to see a few more boats out on our fun Wednesday nights. After a beautiful sail back to shore in failing winds many of us went to the Diamond Point Grill to enjoy each others' company.

Race 4

RC: Spirit. The RC set a W-5 course with a windward mark off the west shore at 250 degrees and a starting area north of Hogback Reef. Each of the five legs took about 10 minites. John Jacobs and Sandy Powell set a perfect course and square line, Susan Jacobs had a quick trigger-finger on the horn, and Rodger called out the time and Diana Voss was "on It" to record all boats that checked in and finished the race. A gusty west wind of 8 to 12 knots blessed the fleet of 11 boats: What a terrific night on Lake George for the mixed group of J boats of all sizes from all around the lake. It was a full line at the start, with Uncle Ludwig just dipping her nose below the line at one second to avoid the Individual Recall. The “All Clear” was hailed and the race was off. A couple of close calls after the start but those involved exonerated themselves in the true Corinthian Spirit of WNR. As the favored starboard tack progressed the west wind headed a bit from the shore and got the fleet moving around the windward mark and for the downwind legs. Stinger led the way four of the five legs. Most improved tonight, with full crew and girlfriend by his side, Russell Merchant finished in fourth on corrected time. We all met at the Adirondack Brewery for food and drinks. Owners John and Cindy Carr were the perfect hosts. We talked about his nail-biting finish inching out the last place boat. He is having a blast with his new boat. They had the outside terrace set for our social gathering. Thanks for your hospitality.

Race 3

RC: Knot on Call. RC set a W-2 course with North Canoe as the windward mark. A beautiful summer evening with no wind initially. Many of the competitors had to get towed out to the starting line with some last-minute participants. The start was uneventful with two boats (Spirit and Wild Thing) over early. It took a while to get everyone across the starting line with little or no wind, but eventually the “All Clear” was hailed. As the upwind leg progressed, a west wind from the shore filled in and got the fleet moving around the windward mark and for the downwind leg. woot! took line honors followed shortly by Wild Thing and Stinger. We all met at the Diamond Point Grill for food and drinks.

Race 2

RC: Uncle Ludwig. RC set a W-4 course with North Canoe as the windward mark. Afternoon showers gave way to a beautifully overcast evening and a light but shifty SW breeze for the 11 boats that showed up to the second of this year's Wednesday night series. Stinger had a great boat-end start a few seconds late but at speed and led the pack up the center of the course. Meanwhile Wild Thing went far left after a pin-end start and banged the left corner (like he always seems to) and led the fleet into the North Canoe mark (like he always seems to). The wind fluctuated up and down, left and right for the rest of the race. Spirit fought its way out of the pack to join the lead group of Wild Thing, Stinger and woot!, with Stinger taking the win on corrected time. With outdoor dining allowed, we met up at Sushi Yoshi after the race and took over their outdoor deck.

Race 1

RC: Stinger. We had 10 boats for our first race. It was blowing out of Boon Bay NW. RC set a great course of I-5. We started at 6;29pm in a 5- to 8-knot breeze. No one was even close to the starting line at the horn. After that, some went west and some went east. Spencer in the J/80 Wild Thing was first around. But he battled all race with John Haller on the J/70 woot!. After those two it was a tight pack of J/24s and J/22s. The wind held for the whole race and then died after the finish….perfect.