Race 6

Race 5

Thanks to the crew of "UNCLE LUDWIG" for doing COMMITTEE BOAT Duty. They set a W-4 Course for the 12 boats that turned out for the fifth race of the season It was a grand time on the committee boat. Clearly,it was the fun place to be. Some boats' crew were being dropped off to join in the fun. They got the fleet off "All Clear", and it appeared Stinger won the start at the pin end. He tacked and crossed half the fleet before tacking back to leebow Vaporize and cover the rest of the fleet. It was a fun tactical leg upwind to Diamond Is mark with the lead changing many times. Woot rounded first with Vaporize and they took the hard angle to the right and the Js gibed over to the left. The course was shortened to the leeward mark to give us just over an hour race. Although woot! got line honors once again this week followed by Vaporize, CONGRATULATIONS goes to STINGER for the win on Corrected Time! KNOT ON CALL was next on Corrected Time for a second, followed by ANIMAL in third.

Race 4

The crew of Wild Thing was our RC tonight. With a light north breeze and a front approaching from the southwest, RC set a W-2 course with the windward mark at 20°, southeast of Cotton Point, and a start/finish line southwest of Hogback. In spite of the threat of rain, 12 boats turned out to race. A bit of a crowd at the boat end resulted in Cut Loose being shut out. Stinger started down at the pin end along with Uncle Ludwig, t and Vaporize, woot! started mid-line, and Spirit, Animal, Knot on Call and High Jinx (with Bob Rippel coming out of retirement) down at the boat end. Uncle Ludwig was first around the top mark, followed by the two sportboats, who quickly jibed to head east. The spinnakers did not last long — the rapidly approaching front spun the breeze around to the southwest, and turned the final leg into an upwind beat to the finish. Congratulations to Uncle Ludwig for breaking her string of deuces with a line honors finish and the win! Animal cross the line next for second, followed by Stinger in third. Check out the "Series" page on the website for current season standings — with four races in the bank we've earned our first drop.

Race 3

W4, light south wind, windward mark at 195° with crew of Animal as Race Committee. Congratulations to "woot!" for the outright Victory as well as line honors. Following John Haller, BY JUST ONE SECOND on corrected time, was Uncle Ludwig in second, Stinger, then Spirit.

Race 2

A cool but beautiful light wind evening. The crew of Spirit was our RC, and set a W4 course with the start line at Hogback and Cotton Point as the windward mark at 350°. Vaporize joined the fun tonight with her new/old keel, starting at the boat end of the line between Knot on Call and Wild Thing. Animal was the first boat to tack to port and head north, followed by Wild Thing, Vaporize and woot! Stinger and Uncle Ludwig went left early to come up the left side of the beat. Boats on the right came out ahead, with the sportboats leading the pack. Wild Thing rounded first, followed by Vaporize and woot!, with the rest of the fleet close behind. Wild Thing led the way downwind in the light and patchy breeze. Vaporize went hard to the east, and stalled in a hole at the top right corner. Wild Thing similarly stalled about three-quarters of the way down the run, and waited for the breeze to fill in as the symmetricals worked their way down the course. woot! made steady progress down the west side of the course. RC signaled a shortened course, with the finish at Hogback. woot! took advantage of a late wind shift to the east to pass Wild Thing on the final jibe to the finish. Congratulations to woot! for line honors, and to Stinger, Uncle Ludwig and Cut Loose for taking the first three spots on corrected time.

Race 1

A light wind start for our Wed night series, with several boats showing off their spring finery: a new jib on woot!, a new paint job on Cut Loose, and a new skipper for Knot on Call! Witch Way was our RC tonight, and set a W5 course with the starting line near Hogback and a windward mark set at 327° for the northwest breeze. Pre-start indications of a right shift meant most opted for the boat end of the line, with Knot on Call and Wild Thing starting furthest to leeward. The breeze settled after the start for a square course. Uncle Ludwig worked the right side in the first beat, reaching the windward mark first with a bear-away set down the west side of the course, followed by Wild Thing, who jibe-set and headed east. Knot on Call and woot! rounded next, with woot! also making the move to the east. Wild Thing passed Uncle Ludwig on the first downwind, then extended on a long port tack north all the way to the starboard layline. With the breeze dying as boats made their way downwind on the fourth leg, RC signaled a shortened course and finished boats at the leeward mark. Congratulations to Wild Thing for line honors and the win, with Uncle Ludwig and Knot on Call finishing second and third — only eight seconds separating the first three boats on corrected time!